Microwave transmission

Build a multi-purpose microwave network

Traditional microwave networks are under pressure to support the growing adoption of packet-based applications and services. Voice demand is shifting to data demand as mobile subscribers surf the Internet, download apps and consume mobile video. Enterprise services are evolving to IP and must support higher-bandwidth applications. To respond, you need cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize radio link performance, support advanced packet networking and simplify operations.

Ease your transition to 5G and the telco cloud with our Wavence microwave range. As part of our 5G Anyhaul portfolio, the Wavence based Microwave Anyhaul solution supports backhaul and fronthaul evolution with ultra-broadband transceivers that provide multi-gigabit capacity, low-latency transport, and high output power. It lets you use carrier SDN to build a programmable microwave transport network with the agility to address fast-changing requirements.

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