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Our core network technologies provide the flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness you need to launch new next-generation services. They can help you take advantage of the latest developments – including 5G, mobile broadband, and IoT – with core infrastructure that simplifies operations and enables new business.

We are all in on 5G. Every dollar we spend is a 5G dollar, and our agreement with Nokia underscores the kind of investment we're making to bring customers a mobile, nationwide 5G network.

Neville Ray
Neville Ray / Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile USA

Three carries 35% of mobile data traffic in the UK today. The cloud core network will enable us to scale even further and continue to offer great value and service innovation to our customers. The agreement with Nokia will help us to continue delivering the UK's most reliable network.

Graham Baxter
Graham Baxter / Chief Operating Officer, Three UK

With automation and virtualization, Rakuten is redefining how mobile networks are designed and how services can be consumed.

Mickey Mikitani
Mickey Mikitani / Chairman, President and CEO, Rakuten, Inc.
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