Simplify your operations and connect the network to the business?

Remove complexity to create, deliver, assure and monetize services in the 5G era.

Simplify 5G Operations?

Communication service providers are in a race for 5G. They must be able to adapt and respond to customer needs in real time. Operations are critical to delivering these high-quality services with agility, cost-efficiency and trust. That’s where Nokia can help – as the only vendor to combine deep network domain expertise with solutions throughout the end-to-end service lifecycle. We’ll help you simplify your operations?by leveraging automation and AI. And?connect your network to your business to?deliver the extraordinary.

Tomorrow’s Agile Operations


Appledore Research Group shares how operations must evolve to meet the business needs of telcos.

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Meeting your challenges

Reduce cost

Legacy systems don’t have to hold you back. By modernizing your systems, you’ll free up resources, cut operating costs and be ready for the 5G era.

Manage risk

Comply with regulations and build trust by driving operational efficiency, using AI and automation, to prioritize risks.

Launch new services

Develop platforms for new services, so you can create, deliver, assure and monetize them with greater speed and agility.

Enhance ROI

Minimize the cost of legacy systems and operations, manage hybrid networks more efficiently and see the positive impact on your profitability.

Improve quality

Increasing the quality of your network is an essential step toward new revenues from digital services.

Think and act with agility

With an agile mindset and operational processes, you can seize opportunities as soon as they appear, and launch new services faster.

Service providers’ legacy tools and operational silos consume budget and make processes slow and inefficient. Automating operations is proven to drive productivity, and when you also simplify processes, you can cut OPEX and reduce your time-to-revenue. Nokia can help you modernized your systems, develop efficient processes and consolidate operational tools to improve ROI and profitability.

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Customer successes

Discover how we're helping service providers change for the 5G era. Our operational technologies and expertise are enabling them to rapidly create, deliver, assure and monetize new services.

Road to 5G: MTS

Russian service provider MTS faced many challenges optimizing its mobile network operations in preparation for 5G.

Managed Services: Vodafone Australia

Nokia Managed Services provide best-in-class network performance for Vodafone Australia through automation and operational transformation.

Managed Services: Shared Network Mexico

The Shared Network is a public-private international partnership that will reach at least 92.2% of the Mexican population.

Why Nokia for operations?

We are the only vendor with a globally deployed, end-to-end portfolio that delivers the simplicity, security and agility needed by today’s service providers. By combining our network heritage and Bell Labs innovations with our software suite and global services, Nokia is the only vendor to address the end-to-end service lifecycle from create and deliver to operate and monetize.

Plus, we are rated #1 in AI, data and privacy protection, network performance optimization and innovation.

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