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Nokia can help you use 5G to take your service offer beyond connectivity. As your trusted 5G partner, we will work with you to develop new services that create real value and scale up your business.

Our 5G solutions enable you to bring more speed and capacity to your customers. They also give you the agility, intelligence and automated tools you need to deliver new low-latency services.

With our end-to-end portfolio and proven expertise, you get everything you need to unleash the full potential of 5G.

New value creation in the 5G era

Marcus Weldon, CTO of Nokia and President of Nokia Bell Labs, discusses how 5G networks have the potential to create more than $1 trillion in new value by 2028 by enabling the modernization of industries and industrial Internet of Things.

See what 5G will do for consumers, industries and smart cities

Gain a competitive edge

Many service providers want to launch their 5G offers in the next 12–18 months. Our solution will accelerate your deployment so you can launch innovative 5G services. We can help you at every step, from building a business case to deploying a network that reduces TCO and delivers everything you and your customers expect from 5G. 

Maturity Index

Support innovative use cases and services

Your consumer and enterprise customers expect 5G to take network performance and service experiences to new heights. We can help you captivate them – and monetize your network – by supporting new use cases and services that make extraordinary the norm. 

Use cases

Capture revenue in more markets

Consumers, enterprises and the public sector all want to take advantage of the high speed, high capacity, high reliability and low latency capabilities of 5G. Our solutions will help you generate revenue in new markets by using these capabilities to support richer services and enable new levels of automation, intelligence, agility and control.

Insights section

5G smart seaport: Hamburg Port Authority

Germany's largest port handles 9 million containers a year. It's a real test of 5G and network slicing. The results are unarguable and the possibilities are countless. Read the Maravedis report by Adlane Fellah.

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Case Study

Prepare your business for 5G success

Many service providers are developing 5G strategies and identifying which use cases they can monetize. Like them, you may be looking for help to ensure a successful 5G rollout. The Nokia 5G Maturity Index offers best practices for the 5G era, including insights based on 50 service providers’ approaches to 5G deployment.

Explore the many possibilities of 5G

Brooklyn 5G Summit 2019 brought researchers, analysts and industry professionals together to discuss the present and future of 5G. These discussions generated important insights about building 5G business cases, deploying 5G networks and using them to take on new use cases and markets.

5G for connected homes

Learn how to use 5G services to help consumers live safer and better lives

5G for industries

See how 5G networks can empower industries to boost performance and revenue - and how you can benefit 

5G for smart cities

Discover how a 5G network can help smart cities improve quality of life for their citizens