Respecting our people in everything we do

We foster a culture of high performance and high integrity, guided by our vision, brand, and values. It is through our people and culture that we shape technology to serve human needs. Our pursuit of performance with integrity and sustainability – a culture that stems from our Finnish roots – is key to why our customers and partners choose to work with us, and why our employees work for us.


Culture: Our pursuit of a common culture and high performance is always done in accordance with our values of: Respect, Challenge, Achievement, and Renewal.

Highlights in 2018

Our commitments, targets and performance
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The market for skilled employees in our business is extremely competitive. Our workforce has fluctuated over recent years as we have introduced changes in our strategy to respond to our business targets and our endeavors.

We believe it is essential that we work on creating a corporate culture that is motivational, inclusive, and encourages creativity and continuous learning to meet future challenges and opportunities.

Our Code of Conduct provides the foundation for how we behave and treat each other, both internally and externally. Drive, Dare and Care is the cultural platform we use to shape our core common culture. We focus on selected business priorities and the behaviours which drive them best. For example, for driving relentless value creation and execution we need improved decision making; to have the attitude of entrepreneurs we need our people to feel empowered and autonomous; and to excel in team work we need to share and act inclusively. To strengthen these behaviors we have facilitated activities to make them more applicable.  

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Diversity and inclusion. We act inclusively and respect the uniqueness of people. Nokia culture welcomes people as their true selves.

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Health and safety. We focus on ensuring that all our employees and contractors are aware of the risks related to their jobs and receive the necessary training and equipment to work safely.

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