We are continually reimagining technology to meet society’s many challenges and opportunities, making communities smarter and more sustainable, transportation safer, and enterprises more agile. Connectivity makes life more livable. 

Connectivity empowers people - to control and manage their lives, to gain access and opportunities, to experience the world around - to live a better life.

The widespread deployment of 5G networks will bring high capacity and low-latency (low delay) which will provide the foundation for the digital infrastructure of the future.

Empowering young people in Myanmar. Technology has the power to change the future of a country. Myanmar is a relative newcomer to adopting the latest communications technologies but has been transformed thanks to the Internet revolution. Mobile penetration is close to 95% today. Read how Nokia has been part of that growth from one of our people on the ground

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5G advances real-time healthcare. Digitalization is transforming a whole raft of industries but the positive impacts of 5G and digital technology on the healthcare industry promises a profound impact on all our lives. Operational efficiencies with improved patient care will all be enabled by 5G and other key technologies such as cloud, IoT, and Augmented Reality.

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Delivering the extraordinary. 5G will be extraordinary, bringing new services, new applications that will revolutionize life as we know it, providing business opportunities and greater opportunities for all people. With more than 35 5G deals announced by May 2019, it's time to learn more of what 5G can do for you and for all.

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Developing digital villages in India. In 2018, we announced Smartpur project that aims to develop 500 digitally integrated and sustainable villages across India. Smartpur is an innovative and integrated social program that pragmatically combines the dividends of digital empowerment with those of socio-economic empowerment.

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