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Nokia is seeking some of the brightest IT talents to join our rapidly expanding team. But not everyone may be up for the challenge.

Are you ready to join our mission?

We have exciting opportunities in the following areas:

  • Software & Technical Development

  • Solution Ownership & Architecture

  • Product and service management?

  • Technical Support

  • Project Management

  • System Configuration and Testing

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Discover what Nokia's CIO Ursula Soritsch-Renier is looking for and why Nokia may be the best choice for a new chapter in your IT career.

Enable Nokia to connect the world

Nokia connects the world with fixed, optical and next generation 5G network solutions. To enable Nokia achieve this mission, we are in the middle of building a state-of-the-art IT-organization: because IT has a relevant and direct impact on our 100,000 end-users and the success of our business. Do we have the perfect IT organization yet? No, but we are determined to change just that.

Play a key role in our transformation

How will we achieve this? The answer is simple: with your help! We are investing heavily in our internal IT capabilities: both in our three Centers of Excellence in Portugal, Hungary and India – and around the globe. We are looking for self-starters with passion for technology and the ability to make things happen.

What we are looking for:

  • Self-starters with a passion for IT

  • Specialists who are strong in technology and have the urge to stay at the forefront of technological developments

  • People who have the will and ability to make things happen

  • Professionals who have the willingness to take ownership of projects and issues


Listen to the full interview of Nokia's CIO Ursula Soritsch-Renier?

What we offer you:

  • Responsibility and freedom to shape IT instead of just administering it

  • A highly connected environment

  • Engaged colleagues with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds

  • Flexible work hours that allow a good work-life-balance

  • Possibility to work remotely


Our awards and recognition

  • 2017, 2018, 2019: One of the top most attractive companies in Portugal awarded by Randstad. Read more

  • 2019 Most attractive employer within the IT segment in Hungary awarded by Randstad. Read more


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Employee perspectives

Zoltan Vig, IT Project Manager, Budapest (Hungary)


“I heard a lot of positive things about working at Nokia. Family members who already worked here told me about how human centric Nokia is. Having high expectations when starting my new job here, I was not disappointed. Nokia truly cares about their team members.

I was given relevant tasks right from the beginning and had a lot of responsibility. On the one hand this was not easy and quite a challenge. But I got all the support I needed to succeed. On the other hand, it proves that my job is important and makes an impact. And I can put my skills and qualities to excellent use. I like working with my engaged colleagues around the globe and really enjoy the Nokia culture.”

Srinivasa Kande, Digital IT Customer Solution Expert, Bangalore (India)


“At Nokia, I can shape IT. There is a lot to do and playing an active role in the transformation of our IT organization is exciting. My work is global and visible in the company and it is really motivating to feel the impact. As I can work independently without constant control, I can put my knowledge and capabilities to excellent use.

I know what is going on and what our leadership decides regarding the direction of the IT landscape. It is part of an open and positive work culture. Also work-life balance is of great importance to Nokia. Having flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely – for example from home – is excellent proof of that. At Nokia, we are not just co-workers but like a family. “

Pedro Loureiro, Cyber Security Professional, Amadora (Portugal)


“I joined Nokia IT because I wanted to work in a company with IT as its core. I really like the fact that I can shape IT and make an impact. My colleagues from around the globe are very engaged and strive to deliver the best results possible. We collaborate and help each other to reach our goals. That makes Nokia feel like home.

It is important to me that my manager at Nokia empowers me and trusts me to do my job. I have always been looking for jobs, where I can have a good combination of support and freedom, a job where I can take ownership. Knowing also that my work has an impact on 100,000 Nokia colleagues and on our business is really satisfying. Driving change and advancing IT is every day a new challenge, but also a unique opportunity to get ahead.”


Kurt Tempels,?Global Head of IT Client Service Management

Kurt talks about how his team, spread around the world, looks into IT through the lenses of the end-users and strives to make a real impact. Learn more about Kurt’s perspective on working at Nokia IT in LinkedIn.


Nathalie Schiltz, IT Service Owner / Transformation Program Manager

Nathalie owns Office 365 services at Nokia. In this Linked-in post, she talks about the similarities between the roles of IT Service Owner and Product Manager and how user adoption, partnerships and collective intelligence are central to the way she tackles her mission Read more.

Sounds good to you? Then you should check out our job opportunities:
Hungary India Portugal